What should I expect from a coaching session?

Coaching is customized for each individual. Each session will be a little different, based on your needs at that time. In general, I will listen to where you are and where you want to go, ask questions to clarify or evoke further information, give you feedback, brainstorm ideas and challenge you, while offering encouragement and validation for your successes. I may also make requests or give assignments, suggest a course of action or ask you to come up with one, or whatever we feel will most effectively move you closer to your goals.


Why should I hire a coach? Can't I do it myself?

Coaching empowers you to move forward. You may feel you should be able to accomplish your goals on your own, but often, people get tripped up by their own limiting beliefs about what's possible for them, or simply overwhelmed by all that life demands. As a result, even though they may know what to do, they don't take action.


How does coaching differ from therapy?

While emotional issues may come up in the course of coaching -- and you do learn more about and develop yourself in the process -- coaching primarily focuses on helping you achieve specific goals through taking action and developing constructive behaviors, rather than on healing psychological issues. Coaching focuses more on the present and future than the past. It is about generating possibilities and moving through any blocks or obstacles, rather than healing deep-seated emotional issues and traumas.

Coaching and therapy can be mutually supportive, and some people work simultaneously with a coach and a therapist, or use coaching as the next step after therapy.


As your Coach I will:

  • Help you get a clear vision of how you want your life to be

  • Be an objective and attentive listener

  • Give you honest and compassionate feedback

  • Remind you of your strengths and gifts

  • Guide you in acquiring useful life skills and resources

  • Teach you simple techniques for anxiety relief

  • Guide you through improving your existing relationships

  • Be a sound board during a break-up, assist to not become reactionary

  • Customize skills, tools and techniques for advancing in your career