As your coach I will clarify your vision and discover new possibilities to maximize your potential. We will set goals and develop a strategy to achieve them to the best of your ability. If confronted with obstacles I will help you through the fear and discomfort to implement changes, while at the same time offering the support and encouragement necessary to make a positive shift. 

The four areas I coach on is Anxiety, Relationships, Break-ups and Job Advancements. Each one of these areas can coexist or we focus on one. 


  • Do you suffer from over thinking?
  • Does it feel like your thoughts are in a Hamster Wheel?
  • Are you in the constant state of "What If" thinking? 
  • Have your thoughts become debilitating, preventing you from living a fulfilled life ?


  • Do you feel drained from some relationships?

  • Are you saying "Yes" to everyone but yourself?

  • Are there toxic behaviors that you no longer want to be a part of?

  • Do your close knit "people" reflect your values, ideals and morals?



  • Have you just gone through a break-up or trying to get over one?
  • Have you become reactionary to your partner in the ending process?
  • Are you seeking closure and not getting it?
  • Is the breakup consuming every aspect of your life?


  • Are you seeking a raise / promotion and don't know where to start ?
  • Are you seeking out a higher position that you aren't currently qualified for ?
  • Do you know your worth in your current position / company ?
  • Do you feel replaceable ?

As a Coach I will ...

  • Get you clear on your vision, how you want your life to be

  • Be an objective / attentive listener 
  • Give you honest and compassionate feedback
  • Remind you of your strengths and gifts
  • Guide you in acquiring useful life skills and resources
  • Teach you simple techniques for anxiety relief
  • Guide you through improving your existing relationships
  • Be a sound board during break-ups, assist to not become reactionary
  • Customize skills, tools and techniques for advancing in your career