• Are you overwhelmed by clutter in your home/office/computer ?
  • Does it feel too big of a task to manage on your own?
  • Do you need to develop better time management skills? 

* I do in-home visits to declutter your space, work one on one to get your computer files, data, phone in Prime functional order. PROVIDE TOOLS for better time management SKILLS


  • Going through a break-up or trying to get over one?
  • Have you become reactionary to your partner in the ending process?
  • Are you seeking closure and not getting it?
  • Is the breakup consuming every aspect of your life?

* Assist to develop a healthier process accepting where you are, how to heal, and move forward in your life


  • Are you seeking a more authentic career path?
  • Do you have tons of ideas/passions but no set goals?
  • Do you know your worth?

* HELP GET YOU CLARITY, FOCUS AND ALIGNMENT ON YOUR BRAND AND GOALS. IGNITE the spark for your passion with building blocks on how to succeed