It's ok to not be ok 

Having a real talk about not being ok, and that's ok - It's just life hang in there. 

Inner Dialogue + Panic Attacks 

Answering some IG questions on what my inner dialogue is when I'm experiencing a panic attack. 

Anxiety + Gut Health 

Talking to Lianna Nielsen about the microbiome and its effects on mental health.

Anxiety + Grounding

A quick tool to use when you're feeling unsettled and need some grounding. 

Anxiety + What if Thinking 

A trick to use when you're trying to stop the "What if Thinking"

Book Launch Speech / A Face of Anxiety 

My intimate speech to my family and friends on why I wrote this book and what it means to me to be an anxiety survivor. 

15 Count to Calm

A guided 10 min talk on how to do the 15 Count to Calm to reduce the intensity of anxiety/panic attacks.

Relationships + Anxiety

How anxiety affects your relationships

How to Deal with IBS + Anxiety Attacks

Some tips on dealing with Anxiety + IBS

Gut Triggers + Panic Attacks

Gut Triggers & Panic Attacks

Letting Go + Anxiety

Learning to Let Go