New Year New You

Hello 2017 what's on the menu for this year ? 

Just wanted to communicate with everyone to not hold yourself to resolutions that you are not fully committed to. Focus on what you are "wanting" to change because that is the difference between those who can commit to those who would like things to change but aren't truly willing to make the shift. When writing or thinking of these changes be sure to say I will .... as opposed to I would like to ... The resolution should get you excited and motivated not annoyed or pressured to accomplish something just because it sounds good. Remember when you had to prepare, study & practice to get your license, yeah it needs to be like that with that same excitement that you were willing to do anything just to conquer that test and get that license you had been dying for your whole life. It also doesn't need to be such a stretch that you are setting yourself up for failure. No matter what the resolution is make sure to commit to it, commit to yourself and practice at it in order to feel as though you accomplished what you set out to conquer. Also be very specific about what it is that you are looking to change, gain etc... the more specific you are about how you can achieve your goal the easier it will be to set forth in doing it. 

Trish BarillasComment