Trish Barillas is now a best-selling author after reaching #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases with ‘A Face of Anxiety,’ released on July 25 across digital platforms including Amazon, Kindle and Apple iBooks.

Has anxiety taken over your life?

Do you feel like you put a mask on to disguise how you’re feeling?

Do negative thinking and non-stop obsessive thoughts riddle your brain all day?

From someone who has had anxiety my whole life, this book describes how I tackled each one of the following areas:

•Anxiety when making big life decisions

•Anxiety in love relationships

•Anxiety when starting or changing careers

•Anxiety while traveling, being out of your comfort zone

•Anxiety about your own thoughts, being afraid to be alone

I take you through my ups and downs, and finally my treatments that aided me in living with anxiety. There is no quick fix to cure anxiety disorder but that doesn’t mean you can’t lean how to live with it. This book sheds light on some of the positives anxiety has brought me. Don’t let anxiety take over your world and dictate how you live. Read along and take back your life.