Coaching is a one-on-one interaction where my sole mission is to move you forward in areas of :

Anxiety, Relationships, Breakups and Job Advancement


As your coach I will clarify your vision and discover new possibilities to maximize your potential. We will set goals and develop a strategy to achieve them to the best of your ability. If confronted with obstacles I will help you through the fear and discomfort to implement changes, while at the same time offering the support and encouragement necessary to make a positive shift. 

The four areas I coach on is Anxiety, Relationships, Break-ups and Job Advancements. Each one of these areas can coexist or we focus on one. 


  • Do you suffer from over thinking?
  • Does it feel like your thoughts are in a Hamster Wheel?
  • Are you in the constant state of "What If" thinking? 
  • Have your thoughts become debilitating, preventing you from living a fulfilled life ?


  • Do you feel drained from some relationships?

  • Are you saying "Yes" to everyone but yourself?

  • Are there toxic behaviors that you no longer want to be a part of?

  • Do your close knit "people" reflect your values, ideals and morals?



  • Have you just gone through a break-up or trying to get over one?
  • Have you become reactionary to your partner in the ending process?
  • Are you seeking closure and not getting it?
  • Is the breakup consuming every aspect of your life?


  • Are you seeking a raise / promotion and don't know where to start ?
  • Are you seeking out a higher position that you aren't currently qualified for ?
  • Do you know your worth in your current position / company ?
  • Do you feel replaceable ?


Breath Deep / Clear your mind / Keep your faith / Lean into Love / Exhale 

As a Coach I will ...

  • Get you clear on your vision, how you want your life to be
  • Be an objective / attentive listener 
  • Give you honest and compassionate feedback
  • Remind you of your strengths and gifts
  • Guide you in acquiring useful life skills and resources
  • Teach you simple techniques for anxiety relief
  • Guide you through improving your existing relationships
  • Be a sound board during break-ups, assist to not become reactionary
  • Customize skills, tools and techniques for advancing in your career

"My Dysfunction has now become my Function" 

-Trish Barillas


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Certified Health & Wellness Coachย 

Certified Health & Wellness Coach 

Melissa wood-tepperberg 

โ€œI can honestly say with 100% certainty that I would not be the woman I am today or where I am in my life without the guidance and tools that Trish Barillas taught me through our journey of coaching together.

I was that girl who said I wanted to live a certain life but was doing nothing to make that happen. Trish asked me the right questions to get me thinking about what I really wanted in my life. She held me accountable and provided me with tools for me to move ahead in my life.

I am living a life of true happiness completely Drama Free! Finally! I recommend Barillas coaching to anyone who is looking for true transformation in life.โ€

Ashley Stetts

This woman gives it to you straight. There's no sugar coating with Trish - only results and a sense that any goal you have is achievable. You'll leave each session with clarity and a stronger drive to live the life you know you're capable of. Sometimes we all need a good kick in the ass - and Trish delivers. 

Founder of Stetts - Fit Agency Blogger of The Frugal Modelย 

Founder of Stetts - Fit Agency

Blogger of The Frugal Model 

Co-Founder - Capture Media

Co-Founder - Capture Media

jordan osher 

I've always been someone who set high goals for myself and tried to achieve them. About 4 years ago, I was unclear about my future and unmotivated to keep pushing myself. As a busy entrepreneur, I became fully consumed with work, and I stopped focusing on my own personal growth and development. I decided to meet Trish for a "life coach consultation". Unsure of what to expect (yet optimistic from our initial email exchange), Trish had me inspired immediately after our first session. It felt like she understood exactly what I was going through. With Trish's unique balance of guidance, careful listening and honest feedback, she's helped me grow in all aspects of my life. She's the best mentor, coach and confidant I could ever imagine having in my corner.